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Podcatchers... [Oct. 1st, 2008|09:59 pm]
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I’ve just switched podcatcher from myPodder to BeyondPod.

The main reason for this change, is that the WM version of myPodder was becoming slow and hanging when trying to download podcasts. The negative side of switching from myPodder is that it’s closely tied in to PodcastReady, and I have the Linux version running on my laptop... meaning that I have a synchronised podcast listing on both mobile and laptop.

Now, msmobiles.com claim BeyondPod to be the “best podcast catcher for Windows Mobile”. My initial impression of BeyondPod is that it is certainly quicker and more stable than myPodder (at least it doesn’t hang!), but I don’t find it as intuitive. myPodder was more holistic, giving you a list of podcasts, a list of episodes for those podcasts, and a list of downloaded podcasts. BeyondPod is totally feed-centric, so you can only do stuff at feed level. You can’t, for example, view every podcast you’ve downloaded so you can pick and choose which episode you listen to next... you have to select your chosen feed first before you choose a episode.

Does anyone else use a mobile podcatcher for Windows Mobile? What would you recommend?

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[User Picture]From: hennell
2008-10-02 12:19 pm (UTC)
I 'use' beyond pod in the sense its installed on my PDA, but I don't run it often. I was excited by the schedulaing abilites, but have yet to get it to work relibably, and ultimitly find my home-made SD card sync from my laptop a better soloution.

(That said I like the abilty to download a group of things easly for when I want a few morning podscasts before I turn my laptop on.)
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